Nixie Tube Clocks

Rare Russian new, old stock -in12a's nixie tubes from the 70's. Handmade and hand wired into a beautiful full featured clock/Calendar

The woods we use are highly figured...No two clocks ever turn out the same.  Unless noted as ready to ship, Picture represents what your clock may look like. Upon placing your order- we will contact you and send pictures of our current wood inventory so you can pick the perfect piece.

Final pictures will be sent upon completion for your approval before shipping.

We look forward to building this clock for you!



- Decorative puzzle joint top.
- Modern microprocessor control
- RGB led back lighting adjustable to any color you wish.
- Built in cathode poison strategies to keep your clock healthy for many years
- A real time clock circuit for keeping accurate time as well as retain time/date information
- Automatic dimming self adjusts brightness to ambient light

Very low power consumption (3-4 watts)

4"tall x 5" deep x 11" wide
Aprox 3 lbs 8 oz
Ships flat rate usps 2-3 day service
Expedited delivery options upon request