710 User’s Manual

Thank you for choosing to stay with us. We remodeled the condo in 2021-2022 and added a lot of smart home features to make your stay more comfortable. Below is a quick rundown.


  • Wi-Fi server name is regency 710 Password is 710beach

Front Room Television

The main living room has a 70" smart TV with Alexa fire cube. All inputs run into the fire cube, and it acts as a switch. The fire cube has voice commands to eliminate the need for remotes. Simply tell Alexa what you want, and she will set it up for you. Or use the fire cube remote.

Common commands are:

  • Alexa, turn on the TV.
  • Alexa, turn on the cable.
  • Alexa, turn to channel xxx on cable or Alexa, change to / (name of channel) on cable.
  • Alexa, turn volume to (1-10)
  • Alexa, go home.
  • Alexa play (movie name, program name etc). She will list the choices. Add "on cable" to the end of that if you’re searching for a program on media com.

the fire cube website can give you a more extensive list of verbal commands here: https://smartgeekhome.com/alexa-fire-tv-commands/.

Bedroom televisions

Both bedrooms have their own firestick built in. The voice commands are normally turned off, so they don’t interfere with the main television. to turn voice commands on - there’s a small slide switch under the front lip of the tv. If you slide it left, the red light on the front of the TV will go off- indicating voice commands are active.

Input sources for Alexa are home or cable (hdmi1). You can change this via voice commands like the main tv, or the firestick remote by choosing the input channel. The media com remote only works when the input is set to cable. If the cable box has been turned off, you must turn it on with the media com remote. The cable box is on when the blue light on the front of the cable box is illuminated.


Motorized blinds

The condo is equipped with 2 sets of motorized blinds. see thru in the front room and blackout blinds for the master bedroom. controllers for these blinds are on the wall. simply hit the up or down arrow on the right side of the remote to raise or lower.

The remote needs to be on channel 0 for both blinds to work in unison. channel 1 is left. channel 2 is right. The other channels are unused.


The condo has been equipped with USB and USB-C plugs for charging your electronics. in addition, there are 2 plugs in each room that are controlled by the wall switch. These outlets are identified by an upside-down plug. The bottom of the switched plug is controlled by the light switch so be mindful if you choose to plug something into it- you might have to make sure the wall switch is on as well.

Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan has a digital controller which is kept on the wall. A safety feature in the fan prevents changing speeds too quickly so give it 20 seconds or so to engage.

Sliding Glass Doors

One of the amazing features of the Regency is the very large sliding glass doors. They take two hands to open and close. Use the handle and the metal frame labeled (push here).

  • Do not try to open/ close the front door while the sliding glass doors are open. The resulting wind tunnel will shut the door with considerable force and damage the front door.
  • Always lock the sliding glass doors when the condo is unattended. Strong winds will open the sliding glass doors during a storm and flood the condo with wind driven rain.
  • Try not to run the AC when the sliding glass doors are open. The added humidity will freeze up the AC unit and it will need servicing to work properly.

Toaster oven

The toaster oven has a simplified interface. Simply hit the toast button then adjust the preferred darkness. It will remember your last setting. Line the pans for the oven with aluminum foil to assist cleaning.